“UltraVPN is a basic, secure VPN with good speed and a low price.”
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Overall Information

UltraVPN is operated by Network Connect, a company that has developed other VPN brands, such as SafeVPN and PrivacyWeb. 

UltraVPN is a provider with good speed, encryption, protection against leaks, reasonable prices, and excellent unlocking from Netflix.

However, logging problems make this a second-level VPN that reduces the attractiveness of this service.

  • Strong encryption and protocols, with good protection against IP leaks
  • Servers: 123 l Countries: 18
  • Unlock American Netflix.
  • It offers a trial period, with a refund guarantee of up to 30 days without risk.
  • Only 1 connection available.

Privacy and Security

UltraVPN uses encryption between the device and the destination on the web using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), an encryption standard used and approved worldwide by governments, cybersecurity experts, and encryption enthusiasts.

UltraVPN comes with the following security features:

  • AES 256-bit encryption, military-grade and virtually invincible for attackers
  • OpenVPN for all platforms except iOS and IKEv2 on iOS (as well as on other platforms): both are secure options
  • Connection switch to cut all traffic if the VPN connection fails.
  • Active protection against DNS leaks ensures anonymity at all times.


Regarding privacy, UltraVPN informs in its Privacy Policy that it maintains basic account information, such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, password, and payment information.

It also collects and stores personal information as the customer uses UltraVPN services. UltaVPN collects Information about the device from which you access the services, such as the IP address or other unique device identifiers, such as IP address and location.

It should be noted that they also use cookies (files sent to the browser and stored on the user’s computer) to collect general information about visits to the UltraVPN website, the configuration of the user’s device, and the interaction of this device with UltraVPN services, and store this information into log files.

Network Connect is a USbased company, which is a problem by itself. The USA is not a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. If you want to keep your broadcasting or browsing habits private and away from the FBI or copyright control bodies, UltraVPN is a provider to avoid.

Speed and Performance

The UltraVPN offers servers with excellent connection speed, allowing an uninterrupted streaming experience without buffering or bandwidth limitation.


UltraVPN protects only one device per account. It is available for several operating systems, such as cell phones, computers, and notebooks, through an extension for Firefox and Chrome, in addition to an Android application.

Servers and locations


The company UltraVPN currently has more than 1000 high-speed servers, spread over 7 continents in more than 100 countries, all compatible with P2P transmissions and operating in 256-bit AES encryption.

UltraVPN’s servers operate through security protocols such as OpenVPN and offer features such as the Kill switch, which blocks the internet if the connection to the UltraVPN server goes down.

Streaming and Torrents

Geographic blocks generally restrict sports events. Using UltraVPN, it is possible to break these blocks and view the flow as if it were a location. 

The user will access the entire Netflix USA content library and unlock videos that have not yet been released in your country. For this, UltraVPN offers the Ultraflix server. UltraVPN allows P2P and torrent connections without any restrictions.


24/7 suporte


Live chat 






UltraVPN offers real-time chat available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, an extensive knowledge base with searchable FAQs and articles on crucial topics, contact forms by email, and a direct phone support line (for US users).


UltraVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It offers three subscription packages, with the same features in all plans, with the 12-month option having the lowest monthly cost, US$ 35.88 billed each year, equivalent to US$ 2.99 monthly. 

UltraVPN accepts several payment methods: credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) and PayPal. The absence of cryptocurrency payments (such as Bitcoin) is a significant weakness, as it means that users will have to enter their address, name, and credit card details.

12 Months


Billed €35.88 For 12 Months

6 Months


Billed €59.89 €29.95 For 6 Months



Billed €5.99 Per Month