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Welcome to our website.

VPNGuru is committed to providing VPN service reviews and recommendations in a simple, useful and honest way. 

The Internet gives us freedom of expression, knowledge, and connections that radically broaden our horizons, but it can also allow violations of our privacy. Our VPN reviews aim to guide you to a secure and borderless online experience.

Our readers are our number one priority. All information shared with you follows the following pillars: honesty, commitment, impartiality, and easy understanding.

How we evaluate all VPNs

All VPNs available on our website go through a comprehensive, rigorous, and fair evaluation process.

We test privacy and security, speed and reliability, unlocking popular web services, and more. We guarantee that only the best VPN services are available on our website.

Our evaluations are always impartial.

Our analyzes are 100% impartial and free from any kind of external influence. 

We never receive any compensation in return for a positive review, and VPN providers will never have an opinion on how we rate the products we review.

Our commitment is to make your purchase decision as easy as possible through an honest, transparent assessment with relevant information.

8-Step Review Process
1. Privacy and security

The best VPN services apply no-log (zero registration policies) or minimal-logs (minimum registration policy) approaches that, if implemented correctly, store zero identifiable data. It ensures that your digital trail remains secure. The type of encryption used is also essential; DNS leak protection, kill switch, and other resources provide user privacy and security. Finally, we keep up with the latest news and developments from the VPN industry to keep our reviews up to date and relevant.

2. Available devices
We check whether or not the VPN is available for a variety of popular devices. There must be native support for your cell phone and computer to increase protection when accessing the websites and services on the internet.
3. Speed and Reliability
The speed and reliability of the connection are critical when choosing a VPN. To test it, we connect to different servers worldwide at different time zones to overview how the VPN’s speed runs in short, medium, and long distances.
4. Available features

There are some essential features for a cutting-edge VPN, such as Kill switch, automatic protection for public Wi-Fi network, and AES-256 encryption. 

Besides, we look for useful extra features that users can benefit from, for example, split tunnel, dedicated servers for streaming services, and services optimized for torrents and P2P.

5. Streaming and Torrenting
We check whether tested VPNs unblock popular streaming services such as US Netflix or BBC iplayer from any location and whether torrenting is allowed on all servers.
6. Censorship
We check if all tested VPNs can overcome geographic restrictions in heavily censored countries, such as China and the United Arab Emirates.
7. Support
The quality test of VPN companies’ customer service is done by live chat, if available, and by email. We create simple and technical scenarios to check the agent knowledge and didactics during the explanation.
8. Easy to use
So that there are no surprises the moment you install the VPN, we evaluate the user’s journey to identify how “user-friendly” is the VPN, for example, if there is an explanation to install on the router if it helps to find the best server for your needs and user profile, etc.

Our business model

The VPNGuru receives a small payment from some of the VPN providers listed onsite. Therefore, when you click on a link or button that takes you to a provider’s website and purchase a VPN subscription, we may receive a commission for referring a new customer.

This commission doesn’t interfere with the truth or quality of our information.