VPN Glossary

If you are looking for more knowledge about VPN (Virtual Private Network), you are in the right place. There are many complex words, and you may not know their meaning, keep following this post and learn, once and for all, the main terms on the subject. 

We separate the most used words in the world of VPNs so that you can make informed decisions and don’t let any good information pass.

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Ad Blocker

It is a browser or software extension that aims to prevent third-party ads from appearing on the web page. It also protects you from malware, advertisements, and website tracking, avoiding user data collection.

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

It is the best encryption and secure standard available to VPN users. AES is a type of algorithm for encrypting and decrypting data, preventing your VPN encryption from mixing with other data.


Anonymity is defined as not being identified. When the user uses a VPN, third parties cannot identify what they are doing online. It further increases privacy and security while online.


A cryptographic digital currency that is not linked to any bank operates. It uses technology without requiring people’s interference. VPN providers widely use it for transactions and payments.


It is an effective way to share multiple files between network users, which allows you to download files without being inside a server. The files are shared in the form of a protocol.

Browser extension

It is a bit of code that allows the user to modify their browser’s functionality, either through appearance or the browser interface or through a function, such as blocking ads and managing cookies.


Cookies are temporary files that are deleted when the user closes the browser. Data packages are sent from an internet site to the browser that the user is visiting on the network.


It is a principle and writing technique to make it unintelligible for safe communication in strangers’ presence. That is, it prevents other users from having access to the content.

Dark Web & Deep Web

Deep Web is a surface web. That is, everything that is not seen freely on the internet is seen on the Deep Web. It is there that no one can access essential data and critical information. On the other hand, the Dark Web is where criminal practices occur and where all kinds of obscure material you can imagine.

Data leakage

It occurs when sensitive information becomes public, harming users. It happens when hackers break into networks through loopholes.


DD-WRT is a firmware used in wireless routers and access points, runs on many models, and has high speed, facilitating navigation. It was based on Linux.

DNS Hijacking

It is a form of DNS intrusion, and this usually occurs through a phishing attack. Web traffic is directed to unauthorized domain systems.

DNS (Domain Name System)

DNS (Domain Name System) works as a translation of IP addresses to domain names because it is through DNS that it is possible to enter the website address in the browser.

Dedicated IP address

It is used exclusively for hosting and website, as it is an IP address that is not shared with any account on the same server. It is exclusive to the user.

DNS leak

DNS leak occurs when there is a security breach in a VPN, allowing queries to reach standard servers.

End-to-end encryption

It is a security feature that prevents other users from deciphering what is written through message exchanges so that the sender and recipient can only access the content.

Encrypted Currency

It is a cryptocurrency, or decentralized electronic money, that allows the user to pay their bills virtually, without interference from a bank, and monitored through P2P (peer-to-peer) Internet protocols.

Five eyes

Five eyes are formed by an alliance of five countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. In this alliance, information sharing and surveillance take place.


It is data that is capable of generating a block. That is, it is a geographic blocking system that has the objective of restricting any streaming.

Great Firewall

Alludes to the “Great Wall of China” that aims to block the “firewall ” that seeks to enforce security at a given network point.


These are communication protocols between users and allow the exchange of information and data between the computer, server, or mobile device.

IP address

Computers are identified by numbers, and the ones they use are identified by an IP address which are numbers identified for each device.

Internet Shutdown

It is an intentional interruption of the Internet, making it inaccessible or unavailable to a specific population, location, or access mode.

IPsec (IP Security)

IPSec is defined as a platform formed by a set of protocols that provide security services, such as access control, packet forwarding, data integrity, and data flow privacy.


It is a form of TV transmission over IP networks. IPTV offers the user the ability to broadcast media constantly.


It is the technology that allows our devices to connect to the Internet. It is one of the main protocols with the method of interconnecting networks on the internet.


It is the current version of the internet protocol, better known as IP. It is the way to receive and send data over the internet quickly.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Provides Internet access for both businesses and consumers. ISPs can provide other services, such as email services, domain registration, web hosting, and browser services.

IP leak

IP leakage occurs when even using a VPN service, it is possible to see your real IP.

Kill Switch

It is a vital feature for user security while browsing, which aims to cut your Internet connection completely when your VPN connection fails. 

L2TP (Protocol Tunneling Layer 2)

It is a tunneling protocol used to support virtual private networks VPNs or used as service delivery by providers.


Obfuscation is designed to involve various types of technologies and programming codes to make something difficult to understand. The process may have code encryption.

Open Source

It is software code or open code that can be viewed, modified, and distributed to any user.


These are communication protocols between users and allow the exchange of information and data between the computer, server, or mobile device.


It is free software to create virtual private networks of the point-to-point type. Establish secure communication between computers using the Internet.

P2P (Peer-to-Peer)

Peer-to-peer is a computer network format allowing the sharing of services and data between client and server.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

Perfect Forward Secrecy is a cryptographic protocol model for temporary encryption keys between the client and the server.

Ping time

It is a utility that uses the ICMP protocol to test connectivity between servers measured in milliseconds (ms).

PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)

It is one of the oldest protocols created by Microsoft to encapsulate PPP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) through an IP network through a tunnel.


It is a server that acts to mediate requests from clients, requesting resources from other servers.

Records policy

Applies to all users who perform registration and control activities, define the virtual private VPN network settings to prevent any practices contrary to legislation and standards.

Smart DNS

It is a kind of intermediary that connects your device to the website you want to connect to. This occurs through a DNS, acting between the two sides.

SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol)

It is a protocol created by Microsoft, which is highly secure and functional. It is responsible for the security of the server and user.


The latest technology for online content transmission allows the user to consume films, series, and programs in general, delivered by a provider quickly.

Split tunneling

Split Tunneling provides users with the ability to configure which traffic is routed through the VPN. With split tunneling, customers can improve the routing of customer traffic.


It is a protocol that aims to ensure that data is fully transmitted and data is sent in the correct sequence and without errors via the network.


Tor is free software that aims to protect the user’s integrity, privacy, and identity while he is online in his activity.


The term Uniform Resource Locator or Uniform Resource Locator is the address of any website on the internet.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

It is a private communication network built on public network infrastructure, using standard protocols.

Warrant canary

It is a way that a communication service provider informs its users that the provider has received a subpoena from the government.

WiFi Hotspot

It is a place where a Wifi network is available to be used. Wireless access, in which the devices are portable.